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There is a wealth of club information and photographic information on this web site.  Please use the menu (left side on desktops and top of screen on cell phones) to find the information on competition entry forms and results, meetings, membership, contacts, and much more.

Preparing Your Photos For Competition

APPLYING ENTRY TAGS FOR KY STATE FAIR (Tags are not necessary for LPS): --> Tear off the claim tag of your entry and keep it in a safe place. You will need it to claim your entry when you pick it up after the Fair. --> Fold the bottom of the entry tag up and tuck it...

Floral Photography

Several hints were given at our meeting a few years ago on how to take better floral photographs. Thank you to Lynn Shea who was willing to be a teacher as well as a judge! Always use a tripod. Photographing a flower in direct sunlight overexposes all or part of the...