Competition Rules



  • Competitions are for members only, but membership is open to everyone.  Competitions are held monthly at the LPS meetings (second Wed. of the month, 7:30 PM.  See home page for directions to meeting location.)
  • The categories for the competitions for the year are decided upon by the membership in the fall.  Suggestions for categories should be submitted to the Board of Directors at or before the October meeting.
  • The three divisions for competition are:  Color Prints, Monochrome Prints, and Digital Submissions.  No more than a total of 6 entries may be submitted, with no more than a total of 2 entries in each group. 
  • All prints (color and monochrome,) should be mounted so that the entry is 16″ X 20″, either horizontally or vertically.  Mats may be used to enhance the print, and there is no restriction on the color of the mat, though some judges show a preference for white.  See the “Tips, Tricks and Tidbits” page for information on how to mat your own photos.
  • The same photo may not be entered in more than one category on the day of a competition (i.e., if you enter a color print, you may not also enter it as a monochrome print, and/or a digital print on the same night.) “Same photo” means an identical shot, – one having the same content and composition. An enlarged or reduced copy may also not be entered on the same day.
  • Different photos taken of the same subject at different angles, and photos involving movement of the subject or the passing of time are permissible, both as multiple entries on the same day, and as variations on a photo that has previously won points.  Crops of winning entries are not allowed to be entered, nor are any other photos made by adjustments to winning entries.  One a photograph has won points, no part of the negative, print, slide or digital file may be entered again.
  • Slide “sandwiches” converted to a digital or print, or digital layering are permissible as long as all the elements in the photos and slides are your original work.
  • Adjustments to photos such as those done in the dark room, developing process or with computer “photo manipulation” programs are permissible. This would include adjusting contrast or color, burning, dodging, sharpening, blurring, etc. However, adding items supplied by computer programs (such as a flower, the moon, etc.) is not permitted.
  • All prints should have the name of the exhibitor and the title of the print on the back of the print in the upper left corner.  This is opposite of the way tags are affixed for the KY State Fair.  No identification should appear on the front of the print. In the event that a slide competition is offered (which it currently is not,) all slides should be identified with the slide UPSIDE DOWN and the non-emulsion (smooth) side showing.  The name of the exhibitor should be on the top of the mount, and the title of the slide should be on the bottom.  Additionally, there should be a dot ( . ) on the upper right corner of the non-emulsion side of the slide.  This is to insure that the slide is inserted properly into the slide projector.Example:


Maximum Dimensions
Photos must not exceed 1024 pixels on the longest side. They may be smaller than that.

Photos shown with the long dimension as a vertical photo will be somewhat smaller when shown on a digital slideshow. (It is the nature of the computer.)

Your file must not exceed 120 ppi and MUST NOT exceed 1MB per photo entered.

Your file must be in the JPG Format. No other formats will be accepted for entry.

File Names
Your Submissions must be named as follows. No other names or variations will be accepted.

  • First, indicate whether you are entering as “Amateur” (M) or “Advanced” (A). Put either an A or an M as the first letter of your file name. Then, use a three digit number signifying whether it is your first or second submission for the competition. (That is 001 or 002.)
  • Then use a dash (same as a hyphen or a minus sign.)
  • Next insert a six digit number that corresponds to your first, middle and last initials, where A = 01 and Z = 26. For example, Betty Ann Palmer’s initials are BAP so her number would be 020116, where 02 = B, 01 = A, and 16 = P.  If you do not have a middle name, use the numbers 00.
  • Then use another dash (same as a hyphen or a minus sign.)
  • Next insert a four digit number indication the month and year of the competition (mmyy). For example, Sept. of 2006 would be 0906.
  • Then use another dash (same as a hyphen or a minus sign.)
  • Finally, add the SHORT name of the photo with no spaces in the name.


Betty Ann Palmer is an Amateur. Her first digital photo for the Sept. 2006 competition, which she names “Pretty Photo” would be named:


Digital submissions must be received at least two weeks before the meeting when they are to be judged. They may be brought to the meeting the month before, or  they may be submitted using the  Contacts form.  Entries not received by the deadline (two weeks before the meeting at midnight) will not be accepted.

Note: Early submission applies to digital entries only. Prints and slides are brought to the meetings and entered at that time. Be sure to fill out the Entry Form at the meeting with the names of all your entries.

You must be a member of LPS to enter any LPS competition. Membership applications can be found through the link on the home page. You may also join at any club meeting. See the home page for more information on when and where the club meets.

Points for the competitions are awarded as follows:
First = 12 points
Second = 8 points
Third = 5 points
Honorable Mention = 2 points

All entries that have received 2 or more points during the year are eligible to be entered in the End of The Year Competition, but only exactly as they were presented when winning their points.  There is no specific category for that competition. The winner is the “Best Of The Best.”  The winners from the Year End Competition are announced at the LPS Banquet held every February.

Once an entry’s (or any part of the entry’s) negative, slide or digital file has received points at a regular LPS meeting, it may not be entered again in any of the LPS competitions except for the year-end competition of the year in which it won the points.  Crops of an entry that has previously won LPS points are not allowed.  However, entries winning point in the Novice Division may be entered again in the Advanced Division, at which time they are subject to the same rules for entry as in the Advanced entries.